Top Tips for Residential Trips

It’s that time of year when lots of schools have residential trips for their pupils, which is a fantastic learning experience for children, but sometimes brings anxiety for both kids and their parents! Here are Ooh La Label’s top tips to help your child get the most out of their residential trip.

  • The most important key to success is that old cub motto, be prepared! Your school will almost certainly have issued a list of required equipment so make sure you’ve read this carefully well in advance of the trip and won’t need to make a midnight dash to your nearest 24 hour supermarket to find a pair of waterproof shoes, rucksack or camping pillow!
  • Make sure every item your child takes with them has a name label. In the chaos and fun children often mislay things – if you want them to bring home everything they take, name labels are important.  Labelling everything needn’t be a lengthy chore though – Ooh La Label’s name labels are no-sew, no-iron, stick-on name labels that go through the washing machine, tumble drier and dishwasher: they’re quick, they stick and they can be customised with your school badge or even a picture of your child.
  • Children often like structure and routine so if your child is nervous, familiarise them with the itinerary so they know what to expect. Talk through any activities they’re going to be taking part in so they understand what will happen and when.  If your school has run the trip previously speak to other families who have already been to get your child excited.
  • Prior to the trip, use the opportunity to get your child doing more for themselves at home. Encourage them to help lay the table, or wash up afterwards.  If they don’t already, show them how to make their bed.  These simple tasks are likely to be expected of them on the trip and it’s a great excuse to get them involved in the chores at home.
  • When you’re packing (remembering to put name labels on everything!) pop a little note from you into their bag for them to find when unpacking. You could even include a picture of your family.  This reminds the child that you’re thinking of them and can be a great comfort if they get homesick.
  • Don’t let your child pick up on your anxiety. It is often the parents that feel the separation more acutely – the kids are too busy having fun and learning new things.  Children often mirror their parents’ attitudes so even if you’re nervous, try not to let them know that and send them off with a wave and a big smile.
  • Finally, be enthusiastic and excited about the trip. It’s a wonderful experience for children to spend time away from home and challenge themselves to try new things.  They are making memories that will last a lifetime and this is invaluable.

Introducing Ooh La Label

Ooh La Label was set up by Ashley and Laurie, two busy mums with seven children between them. With the pressures of modern life they decided life was too short for certain things, sifting through yucky piles of lost property and sewing on name labels being two of them!

Rather than spending hours sewing or ironing on name labels they decided there must be a better way, and after hours of research, testing and retesting, parents everywhere can rejoice: they finally developed sticky labels that actually stay put. Ooh La Label was born. Using airline labelling technology these stick-on name labels can withstand the most challenging conditions: your washing machine, tumble drier and dishwasher are no match for them! They stick on clothing care labels as well as other things like water bottles, swimming kit, laptops and shoes.

However, this wasn’t the end of the story. Yes, the labels stick, and yes they stay put, but it was important to Ashley and Laurie that they look good too. Ooh La Label worked with talented designer, Mary McKinley, formerly a top designer for Shape magazine in New York, to create labels that are as stylish as they are functional. These stick-on name labels are fully customisable so that you can create something (almost!) as unique as your child. Colours can be selected and there are lots of different themes you can choose from, including music, sport, animals and transport.

Perhaps most exciting of all though, is the brand new Selfie Label. Upload a picture of your child to add fun and individuality to your label, or, on a more serious note, these name labels are perfect for children with allergies so they are easily identifiable by teaching staff. Selfie labels are unique to Ooh La Label and we’re very proud of them.

Ooh La Label also work with a large number of schools to offer labels that can include your child’s school badge. Perfect for sports kit, school trips and all uniform, simply check our list of school badge name labels to see if your school is available. We currently have over fifty schools participating, with more joining us all the time.

Nothing leaves our homes now without its stick-on name label – they’re easy to apply and impossible to miss. Our kids’ schools love them and we hope you will too. So, help spread the joy – you can stop sewing and ironing and start sticking!