Summer Holidays

Summer holidays are a time for fun, relaxation, spending quality time with your family and generally recharging.  However, the organisation that takes place before going on holiday with children can be exhausting!

Our mission at Ooh La Label is to help busy parents and make life a little bit easier, which after all is the whole reason behind our business.  So here are some quick tips for keeping kids amused on long journeys and our summer holiday packing list – if you use this as a guide you won’t forget anything crucial.  And remember to use our name labels to label everything – it only takes minutes and ensures there are no lost flip-flops or iPads at the beach.

In the internet age finding things to amuse your children couldn’t be easier, here are some things we’ve found:

This quiz from the Telegraph has 180 questions targeted at kids, but you mind find there’s a few you don’t know yourself!

Activity Village is an amazing resource for ideas and contains 1000s of free printables from colouring in pages, to word searches.

50 Questions to ask kids is sure to prompt some interesting and sometimes hilarious discussions:

And finally, a good old travel journal can be a wonderful way to keep children busy and will make a lovely keepsake in years to come.

Ooh La Label’s Packing List

Mustn’t Forget:

  • tickets/booking documents/email confirmations
  • money/credit cards
  • health insurance (including EHIC if you’re travelling to Europe)
  • car insurance and driving licence
  • phone and phone charger
  • passports
  • medical kit, including: plasters; Savlon; Calpol; paracetamol and anti-histamine
  • any necessary medication, e.g. inhalers
  • sun cream for you and the kids
  • insect repellent


  • toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • flannels
  • hairbrush
  • make-up!

And of course:

  • underwear
  • clothes – weather appropriate plus the obligatory cardie/hoodie just in case of bad weather
  • kids’ comforters/special toy


  • Cameras
  • Camcorder
  • Kids’ electronics, i.e. Nintendos, iPods

Beach Things:

  • towels
  • sunhats
  • swimming costumes
  • goggles
  • buckets and spades

Activities for the Kids:

  • books, activity books and colouring books
  • comics
  • snacks and drink for the journey