Top 5 Tips for Rugby Mums

As we move into autumn the rugby season starts in earnest.  Maybe you’re new to the wonderful (muddy!) world of rugby, or maybe you’re a dab hand.  It’s an incredibly rewarding sport for children to play for so many reasons.  The core values of rugby: Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship are qualities that are important to encourage in children and these provide the ethos of the game.

Of course, there is one downside to rugby (and indeed any outside winter sport!) and that’s the cold, the mud and the early starts.  Becoming a rugby mum or dad means no more lazy Sunday mornings at home.  Instead, you will be standing on the touchlines, in the cold, supporting your kids whilst mainlining coffee – not always as much fun as it sounds!

Here are Ooh La Label’s top tips for rugby mums to make it a little easier.

  1. Warm clothes, warm shoes.  Waterproof clothes, waterproof shoes.  This cannot be emphasised enough.  It gets cold. So cold. And wet.  The kids don’t care – they’re having a lovely time running around and keeping warm.  Parents watching, not so much!  Gorgeous blogger Kat @ Doesmybumlook40 always manages to keep warm and look stylish when watching her sons play rugby, so it is possible, but perhaps not easy!  Brands to try include Ilse Jacobsen, Aigle and UGG.
  2. Get to know the parents of other team members.  Not only does a game pass more quickly when you have other people to chat to and bond with, but they are valuable contacts for lift shares for away matches, or when you have other family commitments or are unwell (or hungover!).   
  3. Treat yourself to a good thermos flask and don’t forget it.  Coffee will be your friend!  You might even take soup in it, depending on match times.  
  4. Plastic bags in your car and lots of them!  They can be used for muddy kids to sit on and put their feet on once you’re in the car and on your way home.  On a wet day you will not believe how muddy it is possible for a child to get!  Kids will also want to change out of their boots (and sometimes their whole kit) so the plastic bags are invaluable for all discarded kit to go into.
  5. Label everything!  A sports changing room can be chaos with clothes discarded with little care as discussing the match is far more important.  Our stick-on name labels (link to website) are waterproof, mud proof, washing machine proof – whatever you can throw at them, they will stay stuck.  Don’t just use them on kit, they’re also great for flasks, water bottles and bags.

And finally, enjoy watching your child burning off all that wonderful energy!

Introducing Ooh La Label

Ooh La Label was set up by Ashley and Laurie, two busy mums with seven children between them. With the pressures of modern life they decided life was too short for certain things, sifting through yucky piles of lost property and sewing on name labels being two of them!

Rather than spending hours sewing or ironing on name labels they decided there must be a better way, and after hours of research, testing and retesting, parents everywhere can rejoice: they finally developed sticky labels that actually stay put. Ooh La Label was born. Using airline labelling technology these stick-on name labels can withstand the most challenging conditions: your washing machine, tumble drier and dishwasher are no match for them! They stick on clothing care labels as well as other things like water bottles, swimming kit, laptops and shoes.

However, this wasn’t the end of the story. Yes, the labels stick, and yes they stay put, but it was important to Ashley and Laurie that they look good too. Ooh La Label worked with talented designer, Mary McKinley, formerly a top designer for Shape magazine in New York, to create labels that are as stylish as they are functional. These stick-on name labels are fully customisable so that you can create something (almost!) as unique as your child. Colours can be selected and there are lots of different themes you can choose from, including music, sport, animals and transport.

Perhaps most exciting of all though, is the brand new Selfie Label. Upload a picture of your child to add fun and individuality to your label, or, on a more serious note, these name labels are perfect for children with allergies so they are easily identifiable by teaching staff. Selfie labels are unique to Ooh La Label and we’re very proud of them.

Ooh La Label also work with a large number of schools to offer labels that can include your child’s school badge. Perfect for sports kit, school trips and all uniform, simply check our list of school badge name labels to see if your school is available. We currently have over fifty schools participating, with more joining us all the time.

Nothing leaves our homes now without its stick-on name label – they’re easy to apply and impossible to miss. Our kids’ schools love them and we hope you will too. So, help spread the joy – you can stop sewing and ironing and start sticking!